When bad bacteria outnumber good bacteria in the gut, problems like indigestion and bloating can happen. Therefore, a healthier snack containing probiotics like the ALL-RIGHT Korean yogurt cubes are encouraged for your kids!

The probiotics in The ALL-RIGHT Korean Yogurt cube is great to help your kids get better digestion because of all the good bacteria that it contains. Even better, the yogurt cubes are safe to be eaten for kids aged 1-year-old and above too.

These yogurt cubes are not only produced with 47.76% real fruits, but it also contains 4 billion CFU live active bacteria and it’s made with freeze-drying technology that preserves nutrients.

What happen when our normal body temperature of 37°C meets icy food at 0°C or below? The stomach goes into shock follow by contraction with reduced digestive fluids. That is why frequent consumption of icy food or drinks leads to stomach ache. But don’t worry, the ALL-RIGHT Korean yogurt cubes are made with freeze-drying technology that retains full yogurt benefits at room temperature and your children can now consume it without the coldness impact!

That’s not it! The ALL-RIGHT Korean yogurt cubes are also filled with yogurt benefits and it comes in four different delicious flavours!


Enjoy a burst of fruity tasting goodness in the mouth with our Apple yogurt cubes.


A fan of berries? The Strawberry yogurt cubes will leave your kids asking for more!


Do your kids love Mango? Try our delicious tropical tasting Mango yogurt cubes.


If your kids love the taste of all things pure, they can now also try out our Original yogurt cubes that are still as healthy and delicious! 


Originated from Korea, the ALL-RIGHT Korean Yogurt Cubes are what many mummies swear by when it comes to...

Want your kids to have healthy and yummy snacks? Try the ALL-RIGHT Korean Yogurt Cubes! The healthy probiotic snack comes...

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